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The first Marty Hopkins mystery
Deputy Sheriff Marty Hopkins has her hands full with a nine-year-old daughter, and an even bigger kid of a husband. Still, she responds quickly to a predawn call that uncovers the grisly murder of a local musician - and a charred cross that is the unmistakable calling-card of the Ku Klux Klan. Meanwhile, ailing Judge Denton is raving that his own long-missing daughter is trying to kill him. Tips from an eccentric biologist direct Marty to a cave deep in the Indiana limestone, where a shocking discovery doubles back to the KKK murder. Marty is plunged into a harrowing confrontation, trapped under the earth, alone with chilling fears and shattering secrets that cannot bear the light of day.

"Quite simply. Gravestone is the best series debut I have ever read. The story is gripping and dramatic, and there is a climax in a dark, deserted cave that will hold you spellbound." Rave Reviews

“An ambitious, multilayered, richly textured novel.” Denver Post

“Carlson finds the voice to speak her wonder at the beauty and danger of gloomy worlds beneath the ground. . . .” The New York Times Book Review

”Sharply drawn characters. . . .and strong plotting make for fine reading--and a welcome first in a series.” Kirkus Reviews

“For feminists and anyone else who appreciates a touch of the eldritch in a mystery.” Washington Times

“Defies capsule - or any - review. It’s different, it’s weird and it’s exceptionally well crafted.” Sunday Oklahoman