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The third Marty Hopkins mystery
Severn House
ISBN 0 7278 6175 1

At four a.m., Marty Hopkins knows the phone calls won't be good news. First her long-gone husband threatens her with a nasty divorce, breaking her daughter's heart. Then her boss the sheriff asks her to investigate how a young woman died in the lobby of a closed, locked bank. And she's still working on the disappearance of Tom and Dee Turley's talented teenaged daughter Coral. A visiting rock star complicates the picture. To find the answers she'll have to battle PR men, lawyers, rapists, and hit men, while a murderous Midwestern tornado churns its way toward them.

"Marty, who has lived in Nichols County all her life and knows just about everybody, is forced to confront the fact that one of her oldest friends may be hiding a decidedly dark side....A genuinely shocking climax. Believable characters and an unusual setting close the deal: this one's a winner."