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The fifth Maggie Ryan mystery

Rehearsal for Murder (Maggie Ryan 1973)--

As REHEARSAL FOR MURDER begins, Maggie is partner in a statistical consulting business, and her actor husband Nick O’Connor has been cast in a wonderful new role. He’s rehearsing an off-Broadway musical, playing Gladstone to the famous Ramona Ricci’s Queen Victoria. But Nick is worried by Ramona’s diva-like behavior, which enrages the cast members. And the home front is even tougher. He and Maggie adore their five-month-old daughter Sarah, but she exhausts them and leaves them no time for each other.
Then they’re slammed with two more problems. Maggie, doing a favor for another frazzled parent, gets wind of a plot against that child. And someone guns down the bitchy Ramona.

This Mystery Company edition restores to print the fifth novel in the Maggie Ryan series.

“A tightly woven thriller, warm and beautifully paced with a bittersweet finale. This show must go on!” -- Dorothy Salisbury Davis, MWA Grand Master

“Seeing them again is like greeting old friends. In this way, each book is more rewarding than the last.” -- Ellen Keith, Scotland Yard Books

“A fine mix of romantic, domestic and theater-smart drama and murder–– replete with the realism, suspense and totally credible Maggie Ryan that give Carlson her special edge.” -- Judith Crist