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The sixth Maggie Ryan mystery

MURDER IN THE DOG DAYS (Maggie Ryan, 1975)
Finalist for the Edgar Award

MURDER IN THE DOG DAYS, Maggie Ryan, 1975

On a sweltering summer day in Virginia, reporter Olivia Kerr and her husband Jerry Ryan invite Olivia's colleague Dale Colby and his family to the beach. Also coming along is Jerry's visiting sister, a very pregnant Maggie Ryan, and her family. At the last minute, Dale decides to remain at home to follow up on an important story. But when the beach-goers return, they find Dale lifeless in a pool of blood inside his locked office.

Vietnam veteran turned police officer Holly Schreiner leads the investigation, battling Maggie—and demons of her own.

MURDER IN THE DOG DAYS, the sixth novel in the Maggie Ryan series, was nominated for an Edgar Award.

About MURDER IN THE DOG DAYS (Maggie Ryan, 1975)

“An ingeniously plotted, fair-play, locked-room mystery, one of the best we’ve encountered.” – The Denver Post